GabaTech GmbH - Gas Gas and Sherco electric Trials




With our main objective, to bring the newest and most innovative driving technology to an off-road motorcycle, we gave the new Gas Gas TXT Racing an electric motor and have developed the already excellent foundation further and made it outstanding. The result is an electric trial with better balance, higher traction and perfect handling.


The newly, in 2020, developed IPSM-motor by GabaTech delivers outstanding acceleration!

From the first rotation you can call for 120 Nm, delivered on the motor-shaft.


The most powerful
trial motor by far !




GABATECH Electro-kit


We offer all Gas Gas TXT owners our GabaTech electric power/kit for sale.

The installation of the new power-kit can be made by customers with technical competence.

This power-kit fits in all Gas Gas TXT frames from years of manufacturing 2011 until YOM 2020. 





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