GabaTech GmbH - Gas Gas and Sherco electric Trials

!  The most powerful trial motor by far  !


The newly 2020 developed IPSM-motor by GabaTech delivers outstanding acceleration!

From the first rotation you can call for 120 Nm, delivered on the motor-shaft.



  • Power output
    23 kW
  • Torque
    120 Nm
  • Driving time
    2 h
  • Charging time
    1,5 h
  • Speed
    70 km/h
  • Vehicle weight
    approx. 71 kg

  • Engine

    IPSM-motor  Made in Austria


    Newly developed by GabaTech


    Maintenance-free, brushless electric motor which transmits its power directly to the back wheel via a chain.


    The motor runs super quietly and generates full torque on the first rotation.


    Forget problems like starting engines, clogged air filters, defect sparking plugs, slipping clutches, defect transmissions and not to mention the prone to fail, complex mechanical components of the combustion engines, all of these become obsolete.


    Torque:   120Nm 

     Power output:   23kW

  • Battery pack

    Battery pack



    The battery can be charged when built into or when removed from the vehicle.

    The exchange of battery takes only a couple of minutes.

    Charging time: 1.5 hours

    Driving time: 1-2 hours

  • Battery status indicator

    Battery status indicator


    With five bright LED lights you can read the status of the battery by pressing a button.



  • Charger



    The included 1200W charger has LED lights showing the status during charging.

  • Recuperation



    Built in recuperation is standard with the new power-kit.

    When the throttle is in neutral position, the energy recovery (recuperation) starts and breaking energy is converted to electrical current and fed back into the battery.


  • Performance management

    Performance management


    Built in performance management to regulate power from 0 - 100%.

    There are all performance classes preselect-able to help beginners to get started with the trial sport.


  • Rear break

    Rear break


    We offer optional rear wheel breaking built onto the handlebar. This creates even better handling.

    Now you can use the right foot as well for balancing and have the ability to brake with your left hand.

    (Foot-break becomes obsolete)

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